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Name Phone Category
123 Goal 702-260-8804 Clothing And Accessories
2604 Treasures Ltd 702-361-2986 Retail Shops And Markets
3 Day Blinds 702-914-7660 Drapery And Curtain Fixtures
90 Park 702-896-1940 Factory Outlets
99 Cents Only Stores 702-617-1989 Retail Shops And Markets
Aaron Brothers Art & Framing 702-616-2943 Housewares And Furnishings
Accessorize Lisa Nicole 702-896-7192 Jewelry
Adidas Retail Outlet 702-256-3429 Clothing And Accessories
Aeropostale 702-759-0129 Clothing And Accessories
Air Pure Environmental Svc Inc 702-307-9000 Clothing And Accessories
Albertsons Floral 702-616-1946 Home And Garden
All That Glitters 702-260-8801 Jewelry
Amanda's Fresh Flowers 702-441-1159 Home And Garden
American Book Discounts 702-243-2665 Misc Shopping
Anna's Linens 702-791-2662 Housewares And Furnishings
Antique Mall Of America 702-933-2791 Furniture Stores
Art Usa Framing Factory 702-897-7320 Housewares And Furnishings
Asap Carpets 702-616-2532 Floor And Carpet
Aura Energy Boutique 702-369-2011 Clothing And Accessories
Avenue 702-407-5004 Clothing And Accessories
Axero 702-269-4930 Jewelry
Bath & Body Works 702-407-9420 Accessories
Bedtime Mattress Corp Inc 702-617-9200 Bedding
Bella Bridesmaids 702-547-2355 Clothing And Accessories
Beltway Marketplace 702-000-1111 Shopping Centers And Malls
Best Mattress 702-492-1461 Bedding
Big 5 Sporting Goods 702-260-4290 Sporting Goods
Big Lots 702-617-0830 Retail Shops And Markets
Billabong 702-616-1066 Clothing And Accessories
Bio Pets Inc 702-228-0097 Pet Shops
Black Hills Gold 702-897-2248 Jewelry
Blockbuster Video 702-837-5671 Appliances And Electronics
Body Glamor 702-492-1726 Jewelry
Bon Worth 702-361-3457 Clothing And Accessories
Bose Factory Store 702-896-5567 Appliances And Electronics
Brown Shoe Co 702-897-5181 Shoes - Footwear
Burlington Brands 702-263-0030 Clothing And Accessories
Cache Media Works 702-953-0471 Misc Shopping
Calvin Klein 702-366-9898 Clothing And Accessories
Carpet Magic 702-896-5200 Floor And Carpet
Carter's Childrenswear 702-896-4532 Clothing And Accessories
Cartridge World 702-586-0634 Retail Shops And Markets
Century Link 702-361-3332 Retail Shops And Markets
Champion Outlet 702-260-0985 Clothing And Accessories
Charlotte Russe 702-492-1778 Clothing And Accessories
Chez Magnifique 702-896-1767 Clothing And Accessories
Cigarettes Cheaper Cig 702-263-8301 Misc Shopping
Cigars & Smokes Se 702-257-6653 Misc Shopping
Claire's 702-269-6007 Clothing And Accessories
Claire's 702-260-4363 Clothing And Accessories
Clarks Bostonian Outlet 702-269-6730 Factory Outlets
Coach 702-386-1067 Clothing And Accessories
Coach Factory Store 702-386-1067 Misc Shopping
Coast To Coast Bowling Svc 702-258-2695 Sporting Goods
Coco Accessories 702-837-6909 Misc Shopping
Converse Factory Outlet 702-896-9814 Shoes - Footwear
Corning Revere Factory Store 702-361-2941 Factory Outlets
Creative Solutions 702-614-0433 Appliances And Electronics
Crisea Jewelry Design 702-497-0540 Jewelry
Curves 702-492-6245 Misc Shopping
Custom Blinds By Bdiy 702-737-8777 Drapery And Curtain Fixtures
Cvs Pharmacy 702-896-1283 Pharmacies
Cvs Pharmacy 702-407-7063 Pharmacies
Daun's Barber & Beauty Salon 702-566-1689 Misc Shopping
Desert Valley Disc Liquor Str 702-387-9733 Beverages
Designer Fashion Clearance 702-699-9964 Clothing And Accessories
Designer Fragrances 702-260-8185 Accessories
Designer Max 702-255-0052 Clothing And Accessories
Desired Living 702-379-0609 Pet Shops
Dickies Factory Outlet 702-263-6630 Factory Outlets
Diversity Tattoo 702-212-3035 Misc Shopping
Doc's Audio Integration 702-270-7820 Appliances And Electronics
Doggie District Pet Resort 702-369-3647 Pet Shops
Dollar Bills 702-407-8204 Retail Shops And Markets
Dollar Tree 702-617-7884 Retail Shops And Markets
Donna Karan Co Llc 702-399-7772 Clothing And Accessories
Dress Barn 702-361-3634 Clothing And Accessories
Dress The Drink 702-270-4346 Misc Shopping
Dunn-edwards Paints 702-616-9905 Home And Garden
Easy Spirit Outlet 702-260-7212 Factory Outlets
Ecko 702-260-0559 Clothing And Accessories
Edible Arrangements 702-263-1474 Home And Garden
El Mundo 702-896-3991 Clothing And Accessories
Elegant Linens 702-564-6841 Bedding
Energy Zone 702-269-7916 Retail Shops And Markets
Executive Guest 702-650-2665 Misc Shopping
Extensoft 702-685-1048 Appliances And Electronics
Extreme Automation 702-565-8050 Appliances And Electronics
Eye Masters 702-260-4127 Eyeware And Eyecare
Factory Brand Shoes 702-896-1287 Shoes - Footwear
Famous Footwear 702-939-0139 Shoes - Footwear
Field Of Dreams 702-260-8002 Sporting Goods
Fitness Twogo 702-547-9006 Sporting Goods
Fleur De Lis Florist 702-436-0319 Home And Garden
Fleur De Lis Framing & Art 702-374-9044 Housewares And Furnishings
Florsheim Factory Outlet 702-260-4926 Factory Outlets
Flowers Of The Fields 702-263-3256 Home And Garden
Fox Racing 702-822-6333 Clothing And Accessories
Fragrance Outlet Inc 702-896-3901 Accessories
Framing Creations 702-492-6002 Housewares And Furnishings
Freij Jewelers 702-263-8100 Jewelry
Frenchy 702-896-2216 Clothing And Accessories
Gabriel Jewelers 702-617-3536 Jewelry
Game Tag 702-492-3546 Misc Shopping
Gamestop 702-837-2579 Misc Shopping
Gemstone Creations 702-524-4344 Jewelry
Gift For U 702-388-4438 Retail Shops And Markets
Gilliam Piano Svc 702-597-5157 Musical Instruments
Gnc 702-837-5945 Accessories
Gnc 702-614-1081 Accessories
Good Feet Store 702-933-2781 Shoes - Footwear
Goodwill 702-214-2077 Clothing And Accessories
Green Valley Smoke Shop 702-896-0051 Misc Shopping
Gymboree Outlet 702-240-3589 Factory Outlets
Haggar Clothing Co 702-616-3995 Clothing And Accessories
Hair For Her 702-382-9447 Misc Shopping
Hallmark Showcase 702-914-6220 Retail Shops And Markets
Hancock Fabrics 702-794-3542 Arts And Crafts
Harry & David 702-269-8228 Retail Shops And Markets
Hat Co 702-897-1666 Clothing And Accessories
Hats T's & More 702-458-7727 Clothing And Accessories
Heisler Design Studio 702-497-1689 Drapery And Curtain Fixtures
Herbalife 702-361-5232 Misc Shopping
Hollermoe Music Inc 702-454-9572 Musical Instruments
Home Consignment Ctr 702-616-0989 Clothing And Accessories
Home Depot 702-837-4300 Home And Garden
Hot Topic 702-616-2644 Clothing And Accessories
Hottie World 702-270-4352 Clothing And Accessories
House Of Smokes & Gifts 702-896-0340 Misc Shopping
Hush Puppies 702-263-0013 Shoes - Footwear
Icing By Claire's 702-897-3525 Clothing And Accessories
Identity Fashion Boutique 702-263-2444 Clothing And Accessories
Imagination 702-294-2244 Retail Shops And Markets
Impressions 702-595-3774 Misc Shopping
Independent Doctors-optometry 702-270-4636 Eyeware And Eyecare
Izod 702-896-2636 Clothing And Accessories
James Industries 702-307-9100 Appliances And Electronics
Jazzee 702-444-2665 Clothing And Accessories
Jeff & Kim's Silk Florist Inc 702-896-5838 Home And Garden
Jest Set 702-896-2800 Drapery And Curtain Fixtures
Jewelers 702-361-5444 Jewelry
Jewelry Zone 702-387-9467 Jewelry
Jny Factory Finale 702-270-9606 Clothing And Accessories
Jockey Store 702-896-6602 Factory Outlets
Jones New York 702-270-9606 Clothing And Accessories
Journeys 702-914-9982 Shoes - Footwear
K C's Design 702-855-0064 Clothing And Accessories
Kalan Enterprise 702-838-7796 Retail Shops And Markets
Kasper 702-361-1778 Clothing And Accessories
Kcl Enterprises 702-363-2327 Misc Shopping
Kelly's Home Away From Home 702-982-3794 Retail Shops And Markets
Kenneth Cole 702-837-9222 Shoes - Footwear
Kessler & Sons Music 702-492-7263 Musical Instruments
Khoury's Fine Wine & Spirits 702-435-9463 Beverages
Kids Super Ctr 702-492-3582 Clothing And Accessories
Kitchen Collection 702-896-2882 Housewares And Furnishings
L C Enterprise 702-290-2992 Retail Shops And Markets
L'eggs Hanes Bali Playtex 702-897-8449 Factory Outlets
Lane Bryant 702-492-1730 Clothing And Accessories
Lane Bryant Outlet 702-617-1732 Factory Outlets
Las Vegas Optical Frame Fixer 702-733-7879 Eyeware And Eyecare
Las Vegas Pointe Plaza 702-000-1111 Shopping Centers And Malls
Las Vegas Premium Outlets 702-896-5599 Shopping Centers And Malls
Las Vegas United Soccer Lg's 702-617-4702 Sporting Goods
Lee's Discount Liquor 702-269-2400 Beverages
Lee's Discount Liquor 702-982-7300 Beverages
Lenscrafters 702-270-6660 Eyeware And Eyecare
Leslie Fay Outlet 702-896-2003 Clothing And Accessories
Levi's Outlet 702-361-4622 Factory Outlets
Limited For Her Boulevard 702-269-4990 Clothing And Accessories
Little Havana Cafe' & Smoke 702-480-8621 Misc Shopping
Lookahead Communications Inc 702-914-8000 Appliances And Electronics
Lovebug Baby 702-367-2229 Accessories
Lowe's Home Improvement 702-492-3516 Home And Garden
Lsd Infrared System Llc 702-444-5468 Appliances And Electronics
Maidenform Outlet Store 702-492-7784 Clothing And Accessories 702-733-9223 Accessories
Malia Cosmetics 702-270-3078 Accessories
Marks Video 702-492-3541 Appliances And Electronics
Marshalls 702-617-2910 Department Stores
Marv's Violin Making & Repair 702-837-3820 Musical Instruments
Mary Kay Cosmetics 702-260-7506 Accessories
Mary Kay Cosmetics 702-361-3463 Accessories
Mary Kay Cosmetics 702-492-2055 Accessories
Mattress Discounters 702-492-4640 Bedding
Mattress Firm 702-367-1099 Bedding
Mattress Firm 702-891-8999 Bedding
Mc Coig Karate For Kids 702-837-8400 Misc Shopping
Michaels 702-407-5690 Arts And Crafts
Miche Bag 702-263-7826 Clothing And Accessories
Millbrook Antiques 702-379-6564 Collectibles
Mom & Me Alterations 702-896-2084 Clothing And Accessories
Moreno's Music 702-688-8525 Music Equpitment
Motherhood Maternity 702-614-7180 Clothing And Accessories
Moviebrat Movies Books-posters 702-837-4962 Collectibles
Naturalizer Shoes 702-896-1087 Shoes - Footwear
Nautica 702-270-4041 Clothing And Accessories
Nevada Diamond Cz 702-476-0230 Jewelry
Nike 702-896-7444 Shoes - Footwear
Nine Dragons 702-796-8700 Clothing And Accessories
Nine West 702-897-7044 Factory Outlets
Nordstrom Rack 702-948-2121 Factory Outlets
Northern Lights & Fans 702-270-4145 Lighting
Nothing But Silver 702-243-7155 Jewelry
Office Depot 702-407-8793 Retail Shops And Markets
Office Max 702-896-3441 Retail Shops And Markets
Only Roses 702-262-0900 Home And Garden
Oshkosh B'gosh 702-897-1727 Clothing And Accessories
Pac Sun Outlet 702-897-1723 Factory Outlets
Paolo Giardini 702-233-5575 Clothing And Accessories
Payless Shoe Source 702-260-9868 Shoes - Footwear
Peggitha Enterprises 702-523-5504 Retail Shops And Markets
Perfumania 702-361-1899 Accessories
Perfume 4u2 702-396-3400 Accessories
Perry Ellis 702-837-0183 Clothing And Accessories
Petco 702-914-0500 Pet Shops
Petsmart 702-951-0045 Pet Shops 702-260-6067 Pet Shops
Pier 1 Imports 702-260-6501 Furniture Stores
Piercing Pagoda 702-382-0355 Jewelry
Plaza Books 702-263-2692 Collectibles
Presley International Ents Inc 702-485-6603 Misc Shopping
Pro Sports Outlet 702-260-6982 Clothing And Accessories
Psychic Eye Book Shops 702-270-4868 Misc Shopping
Puffs & Gifts 702-968-0700 Misc Shopping
Purrfect Pet Doors 702-379-0609 Pet Shops
Rack Room Shoes 702-260-4117 Shoes - Footwear
Radioshack 702-361-1412 Appliances And Electronics
Red Wing Shoe Store 702-598-0223 Shoes - Footwear
Reebok Factory Direct Store 702-260-7910 Factory Outlets
Rhapsodille 702-227-5003 Clothing And Accessories
Rick's Smoke Shop 702-737-7425 Misc Shopping
Rider's Outlet 702-252-7401 Factory Outlets
Ritz Camera 702-896-4271 Appliances And Electronics
Robert Wayne Footwear 702-837-3876 Shoes - Footwear
Rockport Factory Direct Store 702-260-7912 Factory Outlets
Ross Dress For Less 702-263-2683 Department Stores
Rrs Enterprises Llc 702-685-0897 Misc Shopping
Rue21 702-260-8815 Clothing And Accessories
Saber Technologies Llc 702-361-2776 Appliances And Electronics
Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th 702-263-7692 Factory Outlets
Sally Beauty Supply 702-260-6517 Accessories
Sam's Club 702-614-3372 Retail Shops And Markets
Sam's Club Optical Ctr 702-614-3378 Eyeware And Eyecare
Sam's Club Pharmacy 702-614-3387 Pharmacies
Sas Shoes 702-837-8808 Shoes - Footwear
Scrubs & Beyond 702-361-3905 Clothing And Accessories
Shoenique 702-933-7463 Shoes - Footwear
Silerado Park Place 702-000-1111 Shopping Centers And Malls
Silverado Ranch Ctr 702-000-1111 Shopping Centers And Malls
Silverado Smokes & Cigars 702-435-8444 Misc Shopping
Skechers Usa 702-492-0592 Shoes - Footwear
Small Pets Are Best 702-737-3146 Pet Shops
Smith's Food & Drug Ctr 702-617-1070 Pharmacies
Smith's Food & Drug Ctr 702-837-0813 Pharmacies
Smoke 4u 702-896-3122 Misc Shopping
Smoke 4u 702-260-4354 Misc Shopping
Smoke 4u-special Cigarette 702-269-9552 Misc Shopping
Smoke For Less Plus 702-617-1978 Misc Shopping
Soap By The Pound 702-260-9141 Accessories
Soliders Clothing Co 702-335-3343 Clothing And Accessories
Southern Nv Athletic Press 702-326-6626 Sporting Goods
Spinunet 702-592-6495 Appliances And Electronics
Spoiled Inc 702-263-1805 Clothing And Accessories
Sport Optical 702-870-5880 Eyeware And Eyecare
Sport Optical Sunglasses 702-733-7879 Eyeware And Eyecare
Sporting Supplies Intl Inc 702-837-5825 Sporting Goods
Stone Retail Inc 702-804-5777 Clothing And Accessories
Stride Rite 702-361-4471 Shoes - Footwear
Subdivision Sales 702-990-8394 Retail Shops And Markets
Sun Clip Express 702-617-0096 Eyeware And Eyecare
Sunglass Hut 702-897-8584 Eyeware And Eyecare
Sunny's Hair & Wigs 702-914-2330 Misc Shopping
Super Liquor Outlet 702-631-9463 Beverages
Supreme Footwear 702-492-0749 Clothing And Accessories
Swf Enterprises Inc 702-363-5212 Drapery And Curtain Fixtures
T Party 702-616-0456 Clothing And Accessories
Target 702-914-9555 Department Stores
Target Center 702-000-1111 Shopping Centers And Malls
Target Pharmacy 702-914-9715 Pharmacies
Team Logic It 702-990-8444 Appliances And Electronics
Ten Dollar Stores 702-837-1950 Retail Shops And Markets
Time Factory Watch Outlet 702-260-1514 Factory Outlets
Tobacco Leaf 702-897-5977 Misc Shopping
Tokyo Discount 702-614-7916 Retail Shops And Markets
Tommy Hilfiger Inc 702-492-0300 Clothing And Accessories
Triple 7 Thrift Shop 702-445-7348 Clothing And Accessories
Tucks Designer Discount 702-269-4134 Clothing And Accessories
Tuesday Morning 702-897-5077 Retail Shops And Markets
Ulta Beauty 702-270-2410 Accessories
Ultra Diamonds 702-260-8699 Jewelry
Uniform Sports 702-869-1640 Sporting Goods
Us Polo Assn 702-361-1005 Clothing And Accessories
V & K Wakimoto Farm Store 702-361-3441 Sporting Goods
Van Heusen 702-897-5417 Shoes - Footwear
Vans 702-897-6768 Shoes - Footwear
Vegas Pointe Plaza 702-000-1111 Shopping Centers And Malls
Vegas Vacuum & Sewing 702-735-4900 Appliances And Electronics
Vision Center At Walmart 702-614-5435 Eyeware And Eyecare
Vision Studios Glass Gaming 702-270-6314 Retail Shops And Markets
Viva Vegas Outlet 702-896-6410 Clothing And Accessories
Vons 702-896-7544 Pharmacies
Walgreens 702-617-7895 Pharmacies
Walgreens 702-837-9531 Pharmacies
Walgreens 702-914-9797 Pharmacies
Walmart Neighborhood Market 702-614-8122 Department Stores
Walmart Pharmacy 702-407-5513 Pharmacies
Walmart Supercenter 702-270-7831 Department Stores
Warm Springs Plaza 702-000-1111 Shopping Centers And Malls
Wendy Trading Co 702-361-6083 Retail Shops And Markets
Wet Seal 702-407-6821 Clothing And Accessories
Windmill Floral Expressions 702-897-6700 Home And Garden
Windsor Fashions 702-837-6326 Clothing And Accessories
Zales The Diamond Store 702-837-1343 Jewelry
Zumiez 702-263-7430 Clothing And Accessories

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